For more than 40 years, Méca Précis   has studied and manufactured   tools for its customers and its own needs.
With considerable  experience, we develop the most complete range of tools :

Rework tools
Swiss / Parisian tools
● Outils à suite / progressif
Transfer tools integrated into your progressive tooling
Special tools (milling head integration,   screw/nut/component insertion, bending, PRONIC type tapping or others…)

Our desire to develop tools for our customers is a daily challenge and helps us
to keep Innovating with each new project that you entrust to us.


Because of our will to   develop innovative tools   for all, our solid team of 8 people will bring you all the steps of the process,
for the study of parts in small, medium and large series.


We have 4 MAZAK machining centers,latest generation tools and 3D software control. Our milling machines have capacities of up to 3,200 mm by 1,400 mm in width.

The spindles of the machining center can turn at up to 18,000 revolutions.

Nous disposons aussi de machines érosions performantes, d’une rectifieuse de grande longueur, de même pour une plus grande souplesse nous possédons nos fours de trempe.
Meca Précis can also manufacture spare parts for you.

We assure you neat and high quality work which will be assured by experienced professionals!

We assure you delivery within the deadlines.


In order to carry out your projects, Meca Précis has a team of qualified development managers who will know how to obtain the best conditions in terms of quality, cost, deadline and service.

Our concern being to accompany our customers as well as possible, we focus mainly on co-development.